Elcomsup – supplier of high quality electronic components, electrical products and control and safety equipment
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About company
Complex deliveries of electronic components and equipment for industrial and special applications for enterprises, design bureaus and design organizations in the transport, via-, ship-, instrument-, machine-tool,
telecommunications industries.

In an effort to ensure the high quality of the products supplied and increase competitiveness, Central to the company's strategy is the task of developing, implementing and certifying the System Quality Management.

To ensure the quality of supplies, Elcomsup cooperates with a testing laboratory for certification testing of ERI IP and EP for compliance with industry standards and international standards (MIL).

The main criteria of our work are high quality customer service, as well as reliability and uncompromising commitment to quality
The ideal combination of price and quality, due to direct deliveries of products and careful selection of manufacturers
- Regular deliveries
- Customs clearance
- Delivery time from 3 weeks
Variety of assortment, selection of analogues for specific requirements specifications and within a given budget.
Protection against marriage and counterfeit. The products are inspected and accompanied by all necessary documentation.
Integrated circuits for industry
Transformers, memory, logic, controllers and processors, interfaces, drivers, programmable microcircuits, converters, amplifiers, switching, generators.
Optocouplers and optocouplers, LEDs, LED drivers, displays.
Passive Components
Resistors, capacitors, chokes, transformers, coils inductors, quartz oscillators and resonators, potentiometers.
DIP switches and buttons
Buttons (miniature and super-miniature), toggle switches, keyboards switches.
Electrical equipment
Buttons and switches for various functions, buttons with illuminated, with and without latching, emergency stop buttons, indicators, with varying degrees of protection. Buttons, switches for commercial vehicles: single and double-sided, cordless, no drilling glass, vandal-resistant, flat and embossed.
Industrial relays
Inertialess, bistable, time control devices, slow-acting (relays with a delay in operating time), logical functional, with remote control, measuring relays, general-purpose relays (industrial).
Network and telecommunications equipment
Radio communication systems, integrated access devices, switches, routers, pseudowire access, devices for building multiservice networks, devices for remote control
Video surveillance systems
Equipment with intelligent vision for the responsible applications and objects of increased complexity.
Industrial constructs
Enclosures, subracks, plastic products and other components made in a modular way.
Data protection
Control and security systems
We supply products only from trusted manufacturers
All supplied products have licenses and certificates, fully comply with International standards, and also meets all the necessary parameters.
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Harting, Mesa, Topmay, Bulgin, Infineon, Nexperia, Xilinx, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, Fox Electronics, Kemet, Murata, Yageo, TDK, Panasonic, AVX, Kingbright, Cree, Vishay, Lumex, Imagica Technology, Holt Integrated Circuits, VPT INC, Carling Technologies , Mafelec , EAO, Schneider Electric, Arcolectric, Carlo Gavazzi, Deuta-Werke, Applied Кilovolts, PolyRack.
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